Discover Benefits of Natural Healing with Hydrotherapy

Bathing Woman In TubFew things in life offer natural healing and therapeutic rejuvenation of the mind and body like soaking in a warm bath. But what happens when you can no longer enjoy the simple pleasure of taking a bath?

Whether you’re a senior or someone living with limited mobility, it can be nearly impossible to enjoy taking a bath like you used to. Fortunately, our walk in tub with a hydrotherapy spa will ultimately change the way you bathe.

Why Hydrotherapy?

Perhaps the biggest benefit to purchasing a new hydrotherapy spa or walk in tub is the added comfort of hydrotherapy. Whether you continually suffer from arthritis, aching joints, muscle soreness or simply looking for a way to relax and unwind from a long stressful day. Hydrotherapy is the combination of warm water and soothing massage that is perfectly synchronized to produce a natural form of therapy that is holistic and safe.

A hydrotherapy spa with warm water massage is an excellent way to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, heal injured tissue, relieve pressure on stiff joints, help strengthen the immune system and stimulate the release of endorphins.

Our walk in tub with hydrotherapy spa combines safety, comfort and independence, helping eliminate the need for assistance from others as well as the risk of slipping and falling, ultimately transforming bath time for many individuals into a time to relax and enjoy the bathing experience comfortably from the privacy of their own home.

Therapy Tub

Hydrotherapy Spa with Inward Opening Door

« Tahoe (RA2)
« Pacific (RC2)
« Huron (RE2)
« Gelcoat Combo Massage Walk In Tub (Model 3052)
« Gelcoat Combo Massage Walk In Tub (Model 3151)
« Gelcoat Combo Massage Walk In Tub (Model 2848)

Hydrotherapy Spa with Outward Opening Door

« Superior (RM3)
« St. Croix (RH6)
« Stockton (RH4)
« Mediterranean (RB14)



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